Xarelto – Not Worth the Headache

May 15th, 2017

Xarelto, a drug made by Johnson and Johnson subsidiary, Janssen Pharmeceuticals and Bayer is giving its manufacturers and those taking it serious headaches.


From the beginning it was known that “Xarelto can cause bleeding, which can be serious …” That quote is actually taken from the manufacturer’s website (Linked here). What they didn’t mention is just how serious that bleeding could be.

Sure, they mention that it may take longer for bleeding to stop, and that you need to contact your Dr. if you have bleeding issues such as abnormal nosebleeds, vaginal bleeding, or blood in various excrement. But they don’t tell you about the link to possible brain hemorrhage. You’d think that might be worth mentioning.

Use of any drug caries a risk. In many circumstances the risk is justified. But the manufacturers of medications have a duty to doctors and their patients to inform them of risk that may be associated with a medication they manufacture. Your doctor wants what is best for you – S/he is not about to switch you to a drug that is more dangerous without a good reason. But if your doctor is misinformed because the drug maker fails to explain the risks associated with their medicine, well then, that drug maker has some serious explaining to do.

If you have had bleeding issues while on Xarelto, or its generic name Rivaroxaban, give us a call.  That’s a headache no one should have to deal with.