All Things Are NOT Being Equal

July 25th, 2017

Aspartame, often known by the brand names Equal or Nutrasweet, has been promoted as a way to combat the obesity epidemic that is causing so many health problems for the public. But it is not proven to be an effective method to battle obesity.

Since aspartame was introduced in 1981 it has found its way into numerous products as a “healthy alternative.” And yet, in 1995 a full 75% of complaints to the FDA were related to adverse reactions concerning food which included aspartame. It has been linked to weight gain, memory lapses, seizures, brain tumors and making people hungry. That’s not exactly solving the obesity problem. You’d think that something causing such a stir would lead to more studies to verify that it is actually safe.

The University of Iowa did a study and concluded the largest study (at that time) on aspartame. They followed the results over ten years and fifty thousand women and found that women who drank diet sodas with aspartame were 30% more likely to have an issue with cardiac disease such as heart attacks or strokes, and 50% more likely to die from these issues.

Another, even larger study recently announced their findings. Looking at the epidemiological results of over 125,000 people over twenty-two years (and the equivalent of over 2.2 million person-years’ worth of data), they found that the risk of contracting leukemia was 42% higher for those who consumed diet soda regularly. They also found that men were over 30% more likely to be at risk for non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and over 100% at risk for multiple myeloma. Why just men? They couldn’t answer that one. But these results are very similar to a 2006 study on lab rats that were dismissed as not being applicable to humans.

You can just bet that the makers of Aspartame will want to do further studies to prove that it is safe. And yet there have been numerous studies on aspartame. Dr. Ralph Walton did a peer reviewed study on the medical studies on aspartame and found that- What a surprise – ALL the studies funded by the aspartame industry found that aspartame was safe. And the studies done that were not by the industry? Over eighty studies and 92% found at least one problem stemming from aspartame. And this was back in 1996! You can watch the 60 Minutes segment here.

So, next time you pop open a diet soda remember, all things are NOT equal.