Left Turn Clyde

August 25th, 2017

When you’re riding a motorcycle you need to be careful.  

A cycle is not as obvious as a car. And while every driver thinks they are conscientious,  some common accidents are those that a driver doesn’t see the cycle coming.

Specifically, two of the most common motor cycle accidents happen when the cyclist is in the other vehicle’s blind spot. The first one is when a vehicle is turning left and doesn’t see a cyclist approaching from behind. This is the most common occurrence of accidents between cars and motorcycles. Cyclist need to constantly be aware that they are more difficult to see. A slowing car may be turning left. Be ready.

The other blind spot threat comes from lane changes. Often a vehicle will try to change lanes to avoid traffic, or they may try to slip into traffic not realizing they cycle is there. Even if they look to check their blind spot, a cycle is smaller than a car and they may miss seeing you entirely. Be especially vigilant in heavy traffic when lane changes are most common. While not as common as left-turn accidents, these are still among the top five.

It would be nice if all drivers were aware, alert and properly sharing the road. A cyclist needs to be aware of where other vehicles blind spots are. Avoid driving in them if you can.

It doesn’t take much to knock a cyclist every which way but loose.