Insufficient Lifeguards

August 22nd, 2017

In these hot humid days of August, consider this question -Would you hire a lifeguard that could not swim?

It sounds stupid doesn’t it? Yet every day, thousands of people are using guards as a method of protecting themselves from a life threatening situation that can’t possibly do the job that they have been put in place to do.

In this case we’re not talking about the lifeguard at the beach. We’re talking about cab guards. Cab guards are also known as headache racks or bulkhead guards. These are the racks placed between the cab and the load on a semi. In theory, they are there to protect the driver from load shifts that might drive the load into the cab – specifically into the drivers head. There are several neat looking models like the one below:

Oh – shiny.

But the question is, do they do their job?
Merritt Equipment Co. is one of the leading manufacturers of cab guards. Up until 2005 they said that their guards had been tested and could handle cargo loads of up to 55,586 pounds. That sounds pretty impressive doesn’t it? Wonder why they don’t mention that anymore …

Perhaps it’s because the average load of timber for a semi is about 110,000 pounds – almost double what a cab guard could supposedly protect against. So, if the average person in the U.S. weighs 180 pounds, that’s the equivalent of having a lifeguard who can only save people who weigh less than 100 pounds. There are times when it can be real trouble to be above average.

The seas of commerce can get pretty rough sometimes. If you need us to throw you a line, give us a call.