Dangerous Dog Days of Summer

August 1st, 2017

You hope it never happens to anyone.

You especially hope that it doesn’t happen to you or someone you know.

But it does happen. A family pet decides that a person is squeaky toy, or small animal invading the dog’s territory. The dog attacks and the person gets mauled – or worse.

Who is to blame? Dogs, like guns, can’t be held responsible for their actions. The dog may have made the decision – but the owner of the dog made the decision to have the dog. Hauling a dog into court won’t do anyone any good.

While most dogs are wonderful pets, there can be problems. Some dogs have a history of being more aggressive than others. And while Chihuahuas are technically more aggressive than Pit Bull Terriers, size matters and you don’t hear much about people being mauled by a Chihuahua. In some areas the Pit Bull’s reputation has caused people to classify them as a “ferocious animal” requiring a special license, and the insurance that follows that.

A bite from a big dog can cause all sorts of damage. Like their wolf ancestors, they can break bones, tear through flesh, cause permanent scarring or kill. And if the dog does hurt people, that comes back to the owner.

We hope it never happens to anyone. But if it does happen to you, a friend or family member, you need legal advice. If it comes to that, give us a call.