Business Litigation Intake

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Is this a Business Litigation Case?

Describe your legal problem

Was there a legal entity created?

If so, what Type of Legal Entity

Were taxes filed?

If so, how much was the total revenue for the past 3 years?

How much were the total expenses for the past 3 years?

How much was your net income from the business for the past 3 years?

Are you claiming an ownership interest in the business?

If so, how much ownership interest are you claiming?

What value of assets does the business own, if any?

If assets are owned by the business, what interest are you claiming in those assets?

Was there a written agreement or some form of a contract between the parties that you are saying was breached?

If yes, do you have a copy of that agreement?

If yes, please provide us with a copy of the agreement.

If no, were there email or text messages that you have to prove your understanding?

What are your expectations from the case?

Do you have any other business partners or associates that are involved which we should know about.

Is there anything else that you believe is relevant that we should consider:

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