The Battle of the Bulge – Revisited

June 23rd, 2017

A hernia is a bulge of tissues through an opening of weakness within your abdominal wall muscles.  There are several different types, with several different types of treatment.

One of these treatment options was the Physiomesh – an Ethicon / Johnson & Johnson product introduced in 2010. The Physiomesh is a flexible mesh of polypropylene designed to reinforce the abdominal wall. It can be surgically implanted over an opening, a bulge, or a weak spot in the abdominal wall.

But that isn’t an option anymore.  Ethicon / J&J withdrew the Physiomesh due to higher than average revision rates.

But what exactly does that mean? It boils down to a simple fact – the Physiomesh didn’t do an adequate job. The Physiomesh has been associated with recurring hernias, bowel obstructions, chronic pain, infections, and tissue/organ perforation. Many cases require a surgical removal of the implanted device.

On top of that, the mesh can fall apart and release shards of the material into the body, further complicating matters.

It isn’t too much to ask that a medical implant do the job it was designed for. If you have suffered complications from the Physiomesh, give us a call.