A Cycle of Blame?

June 29th, 2017

It’s easy to get hurt when riding a motorcycle. Since you are not surrounded by a car, the cyclist is often subjected to significantly more damage that the occupants of a car. There are no doors, bumpers or airbags to protect you (But airbags – that may be a topic for another day).

If a motorcyclist has gotten hurt as a result of someone else’s actions – they may need legal help to get back on their feet. Or back on their cycle – if there was damage to that as well. But motorcycles can be replaced – people? Not so easily.

If you are hurt in an accident, there are a couple key things that need to be done. First, document as much as you can. Get pictures of the location and any damage to people or property. Get copies of any records of the accident, like the police report or insurance information.

Next, get checked out by a medical professional. If circumstances are dire enough, this might need to be step one. If the Doctor says you are fine – congratulations! Many motorcycle riders involved in accidents won’t be that lucky. Road rash, head & spinal injuries, broken bones, and lost limbs are fairly common results of motorcycle accidents.

And step three, if you are injured – contact an attorney. We prefer it would be one at Garmon of course. Your attorney can then help guide you through the complexity of the legal system and help you get compensated for your claim.